Are limiting beliefs holding you back? Let's fix that.

limiting beliefs and working women - empowership podcast

Today we're exploring limiting beliefs.

We'll explain what a limiting belief is and what some of the most common limiting beliefs are for professional women. We'll also touch on how limiting beliefs are formed and the effect the media has on them. We also share key things all managers need to know so they don't pass their limiting beliefs onto others. At the end of the podcast, we'll talk about the importance of self-awareness, taking action, and finding the right role models for you.

Key take-aways:

“They're these broad stories that have been told to us at some point that we accept as truth.”

“..we’re in a state of media overload.”

“You can never exceed the level of your own self-image.”

“When we take on these limiting beliefs, we’re not only limiting our potential, we’re limiting our self-worth.”

“Limiting beliefs are unconscious bias.”

“The root of change in anything in your life... comes down to you owning it, and taking action.”

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Deana Ward

Deana Ward’s approach to life can be summed up in two words: simple and soulful. As the founder of Simple & Soulful Creative, she's passionate about helping hard-working people grow their businesses with authenticity and easy-to-use tools. When she's not designing beautiful websites or writing professional marketing copy for her amazing clients, you'll find her exploring the forest or experimenting with new vegan recipes.