It's time to stop making excuses.

let's talk empowership podcast episode 5 - excuses

In this podcast we're dealing with excuses.

Why do we create them at work and in our lives?

We'll analyze the setbacks excuses cause for our future success and elaborate on the emotions connected with making excuses instead of taking action.

You'll learn how to stop making excuses with five little momentum-creating action steps.

Key take-aways:

“When the thought of an excuse comes up, your mind is trying to tell you something.”

“Usually we have one or maybe three go-to excuses that will repeat over and over.”

“Excuses protect you from feelings that you don't want to experience.”

“Stop letting your excuses get you off the hook for that responsibility.”

“Excuses are tied to inner critic.”

“It’s not about having women feel entitled… it’s really about empowering.”

“Nothing’s gonna change for you if you don't take action.”

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