We’ll support & develop your female talent with reality & research-based curriculum, coaching & community.

Empowership is a year-long development program for professional women with high-stress careers.

Armed with our Thrive Assessment™ data, a panel of industry experts, and 30+ years experience in the advertising, tech, and media fields, EMPOWERSHIP provides current and comprehensive training to help your female team members successfully navigate career hurdles and discover a level of fulfillment that helps them thrive (without exhausting your internal resources)!


When women feel invested in—through mentorship, development opportunities, and a sturdy support system—they are better able to access the resources they need to thrive. And a thriving collective of women more readily impacts productivity, engagement and retention.

We come from an advertising background. We know your pace, your problems, your pitfalls. We’ve taken the guesswork, planning, and implementation logistics out of developing, mentoring, and supporting your female professionals—backed by research and led by experts.


Program Includes: Individual assessment and action plans to discover blind spots and get unstuck. Monthly webinars filled with insights and actionable solutions to pressing issues. Small group coaching sessions and study guides to implement lessons on-site. Access to New Manager Boot Camp Digital Course to help new managers find their footing. Monthly Women of Wisdom group calls with our panel of industry experts. Bi-weekly Empowerment Lessons to drive personal leadership and growth. Members-only access to private community, blog, resources, and local events. AND MORE...


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