We surveyed women in fast-paced, challenging industries and asked them, "What does it take for you to thrive at work?"


What Women Need to Thrive is Unique

We conducted a year-long study and learned something important...

Your female employees aren't speaking up.
This is costing you.


Based on our extensive research and 30+ years combined experience in the ad industry, we know how to fix this problem.


Progressive companies have the best intentions when it comes to advancing and promoting women. 

We applaud the initiatives and competitive benefits implemented to attract, support, and retain female talent. But over the past year, we polled and coached women in advertising, PR, tech, and media sales and they revealed their true professional hurdles to us. We discovered that some of the key issues women face are often not being addressed by traditional off-the-shelf training seminars. And that means your employee development plan is probably not adding value to your team, culture, or bottom line in ways that make a meaningful impact.

That's why we created Empowership.

HR directors can breathe easier because we've put an end to the piecemeal approach to employee training and development.

Empowership uses a 365-day and 360° approach to employee enrichment that creates sustainable solutions for confidence, productivity, and work-life balance issues that are unique to professional women in fast-paced, creative cultures.

The results? Increased engagement, higher retention rates, elevated productivity, and greater personal investment in company culture and vision.

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Meet the team.

Chelsea Szabo

Chelsea Szabo is a life and career coach for professionals who are ready to experience sustainable fulfillment in their personal lives and careers. Her 10-year journey as a sales and advertising pro at The Walt Disney Company coupled with her extensive experience as a sought-after coach for upper-level executives at companies like Yahoo, Experian, Shazam, and AOL have given her a unique perspective and passion for helping women who feel overwhelmed finding balance and fulfillment in life and work.

Chelsea is accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a certified Energy Leadership Index ™ master practitioner.

cecilia gorman empowership

Cecilia Gorman

After a 20-year advertising career in creative services, management and HR at great companies like Y&R, Oakley, and Innocean USA, Cecilia Gorman knows what makes a great agency and extraordinary leaders. Her company, Creative + Talent + Partners, focuses on developing employees of creatively-minded companies to their optimal potential.

A certified John C. Maxwell trainer and speaker, Cecilia specializes in teaching, coaching, and mentoring employees in fun, interactive, and impactful ways that leave audiences feeling understood, reflective, and determined to apply what they've learned. She has the unique ability to get to the root of culture issues and help companies course-correct with greater ease.


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