We know what your female employees need because we've done the research.

Our data shows that 98% of working women want more than a paycheck from their job. They want to THRIVE.

1 out of 3 women on your team are not content with their role in your company and it's crippling their ability to contribute to their fullest. 

Women aren't talking about their true workplace needs and this means they're not being addressed.

And that is an expensive problem.

Symptoms include:


Inefficient communication & teamwork

Limited ability to expand & scale 

Higher-than-necessary turn-over

Ineffective leadership capabilities


Most training programs and speakers hired to uplift and unify teams aren't getting to the root of the problem. They simply can't. Because it takes more than a single afternoon of pep-talks to help people truly re-wire the habits and thought patterns holding them (and your organization) back. Additionally, women have cultural stresses and concerns that are uniquely feminine.


Our program is specifically designed to guide and support your female employees to improve overall work performance.


EMPOWERSHIP members experience personal and professional support and mentorship in a truly special way.

They don't have to wait for training seminars, seek independent solutions to tricky life logistics, or feel paralyzed by the overwhelm of not knowing how to beautifully manage the messy parts of their life and work. Instead, they get 365 days of dynamic training, expert career and life coaching, uplifting inspiration, practical how-to guidance, and robust sisterhood at their fingertips.

Our training webinars, group coaching calls, Q&A sessions with industry experts, live meet-ups, and online peer forum empower women to thrive in every area of their lives. EMPOWERSHIP members feel more confident, more productive, more supported, and more clear about how they can connect with and contribute to their company's objectives and culture in meaningful, exciting ways.


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Less than $50 per month.


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