It's time to stop making excuses.

let's talk empowership podcast episode 5 - excuses

In this podcast we're dealing with excuses.

Why do we create them at work and in our lives?

We'll analyze the setbacks excuses cause for our future success and elaborate on the emotions connected with making excuses instead of taking action.

You'll learn how to stop making excuses with five little momentum-creating action steps.

Key take-aways:

“When the thought of an excuse comes up, your mind is trying to tell you something.”

“Usually we have one or maybe three go-to excuses that will repeat over and over.”

“Excuses protect you from feelings that you don't want to experience.”

“Stop letting your excuses get you off the hook for that responsibility.”

“Excuses are tied to inner critic.”

“It’s not about having women feel entitled… it’s really about empowering.”

“Nothing’s gonna change for you if you don't take action.”

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Are you struggling under the weight of unrealistic expectations? It's time lighten up.

let's talk empowership podcast episode 4 unrealistic expectations

In this episode, we're talking about expectations.

You'll learn exactly what an expectation is and some common versions that most of us carry around with us.

We'll look at unrealistic expectation the negative emotions they create—than impact everything we do.

This episode will teach you the pitfalls of placing expectations on someone else and the importance of communication and appreciation.

In the end, you'll learn how to manage realistic and fantasy expectations, and how to flip your expectations to realistic goals.

Key take-aways:

“When your expectations start with another person’s name, you're going into some dangerous territory.”

“Control makes us feel safe.”

“When we have an expectation, we’re so fixated on that end result…”

“Once something goes off course, it usually stays off course.”

“Setting bars that are too high or unrealistic...our self-worth is jeopardized in that.”

“Is this based on any sort of reality or do I have a fantasy?”

“Expectations, they can serve as goals, they can serve as drivers and motivators.”

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Learn how to spot your inner critic from a mile away (and quiet her).

let's talk empowership podcast episode #3 inner critic

In this episode, we're talking about the inner critic. We all have one.

We'll explore why it's there and what purpose it serves. We'll teach you how to become aware of your inner critic so you can take steps to avoid its untrue guidance. We'll also dig deep into the many ways you can handle your inner critic. By the end of this episode, you'll know how to spot your inner critic and silence it.

Key take-aways:

"It's an internal thing, not an external factor that somebody can fix for us...”

“Our brain is in a habit of beating us up.”

“Ladies, we’ve got to realize we’re in control of that voice.”

“Our mind is trying to keep us in a place of security, but then that comfort zone is a dangerous place.”

“Is this information that the critic is giving me relevant to today.”

“Don't give an ounce of time to the things that you think you aren't, and as best you can focus on the things you are”

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Are limiting beliefs holding you back? Let's fix that.

limiting beliefs and working women - empowership podcast

Today we're exploring limiting beliefs.

We'll explain what a limiting belief is and what some of the most common limiting beliefs are for professional women. We'll also touch on how limiting beliefs are formed and the effect the media has on them. We also share key things all managers need to know so they don't pass their limiting beliefs onto others. At the end of the podcast, we'll talk about the importance of self-awareness, taking action, and finding the right role models for you.

Key take-aways:

“They're these broad stories that have been told to us at some point that we accept as truth.”

“..we’re in a state of media overload.”

“You can never exceed the level of your own self-image.”

“When we take on these limiting beliefs, we’re not only limiting our potential, we’re limiting our self-worth.”

“Limiting beliefs are unconscious bias.”

“The root of change in anything in your life... comes down to you owning it, and taking action.”

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Why success isn't as important as thriving. What you need to know.

let's talk empowership podcast episode #1 success vs. thriving

What's the difference between being successful and thriving?

Chelsea and Cecilia weigh in based on their personal experience and what the THRIVE research has uncovered (some surprises for you).

Learn the five core mindsets and behaviors that every thriving woman embodies.

You'll also discover how to switch from a success mindset to a thriving mindset which will help you start feeling more fulfilled in your life and career.

No matter where you are on your professional journey, this episode is for you if you feel burnt out or overwhelmed about the next steps in your job.

Key takeaways:

“If you're a great worker you're going to get noticed, your're going to get promoted, but why give up happiness in the quest for that?”

“The self-worth is already there, those external things are just little awards along the way.”

"It's a combination of balance, challenge, and self-worth.”

“You have to define what thriving is for you.”

“Do you feel like the work that you're doing matters?”

“Sometimes we try to fit in instead of truly belong.”

"It's all on you."

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