Women of Wisdom: Effective Strategies to Manage Up and Down with Jen Whelan

This is the archive for our Woman of Wisdom call with Jen Whelan, SVP Marketing at Criteo called Effective Strategies to Manage Up and Down.

When you're a leader with people above and below you, managing both sides and not forgetting about yourself in the middle can sometimes feel challenging. In order to be a successful leader though, managing your team and staying accountable and connected to your boss and other higher-ups is critical and a challenge that remains consistent throughout your entire career.

Oftentimes, when people "fail" they are only focusing on one direction.  During this talk Jen Whelan, SVP Marketing at Criteo will offer insights and tips to enhance the skills necessary to balance both directions and keep yourself healthy along the journey.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Be good at managing "up" without being a suck-up

  • Be good at managing "down" without being a martyr

  • Ensure you don't lose yourself in the middle while focusing on the up and down

  • Learn about possible traps and road blocks that make this process difficult; and how to overcome