Webinar: The Empowered Communicator

Webinar: The Empowered Communicator

This is the archive for our quarterly webinar called The Empowered Communicator. We worked out way from head-to-toe, exploring how our mind, body and words can be powerful tools when presenting. Most importantly, we taught lessons and applicable tips on curbing nervousness, mastering body language, and how to prepare and deliver a presentation with greater ease. 

Pop-Up: Growing in Emotional Intelligence & Advancing Your Human Skills

This is the archived recording of our Pop-Up Call with professional coach Rita Love on Growing in Emotional Intelligence. As a working woman who became very successful at a young age, Rita soon realized the difference between having business skills and having "human" skills.

The critical value of growing in emotional intelligence (EI) became quite clear as she learned about addressing conflict, influencing others, and managing her emotions. She shared her personal experience and give insights into what growing in EI looks and sounds like for working women.