Women of Wisdom: Leading in Times of Change

Women of Wisdom: Leading in Times of Change

This is the archive for our Women of Wisdom call with a duo from Fair, Inc., Daisy Lerdsuwanrut, Director of Learning & Development and Jill Roe, Senior Director of Human Resources.

We discussed Leading in Times of Change. Both Daisy and Jill have experienced company mergers, rapid growth and other challenging and changing work environments and shared their lessons and insights. 
We covered:
+ The impact of rapid or extended change on employees
+ Tools for managers to help stabilize and support teams in times of change
+ Skills that help navigate during tumultuous times
+ How women leaders can leverage a changing environment to work in their favor

Saira Khan on Stop Apologizing

Woman of Wisdom Saira Khan, Learning and Development Manager at IPG, joined us for an insightful call titled Stop Apologizing. Saira shared her experiences around apologizing in the workplace. 

We covered: 
Why apologizing has become an unproductive habit for women
The underlying reasons we apologize & what saying sorry might really mean
More empowering alternatives to apologizing