Pop Up Call - Easing The College Admissions Frenzy with Mira Simon


Do you have a child in high school? Regardless of your child's grade, it's never to early to start planning to prepare college. With all the increased competition and decreased acceptance rates, navigating the "admissions frenzy" can feel overwhelming, not to mention stressful.

That's why we're bringing in expert & coach Mira Simon. Mira, owner of Coach Mira Pathway to College, is passionate about making the college admissions process easier, less stressful and we'll go even to the point of saying more fun and enjoyable.  Mira believes with the right tools, information, and support any family can beat the "admissions frenzy". She'll offer insights and tips for each stage of High School leading up to application due dates.

Small Groups, Work/Life Harmony

Small Groups, Work/Life Harmony

This is the recorded archive from our small group session around the topic of Work/Life Harmony. We discussed why work/life balance doesn't make sense, and how to shift into a more realistic way of living - work/life harmony. We reviewed what work/life harmony is all about, why it's important, and how to do it.