The video above features an honest conversation about emotion in the workplace between Anne Kreamer, author of It’s Always Personal - Emotion in the New Workplace and Chelsea Szabo, Co-Founder of Empowership.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you can't check your emotions at the workplace door and ways to harness your emotion to have better conversations.

  • The biggest emotional traps professional women fall into and ways to avoid them.

  • The role emotion plays in the workplace today and how it will evolve in the years to come.

Take The Weep Profile - it derived from an exclusive national survey of 818 women and 421 men, working Americans from all over the country, that Anne fielded in 2009 with J. Walter Thompson as research for her book It’s Always Personal. Based on an analysis of the survey responses they created four basic work-personality types. Taking this mini-survey will reveal your characteristic emotional response to typical workplace situations.

It’s impossible to leave your emotions at the workplace door, nor would you want to. Could you image functioning without passion, joy, or excitement? Probably not, however with all of those emotions, also come more challenging ones such as anger, frustration and anxiety. 

The office can get a little challenging when these latter emotions surface. Emotions are unpredictable and sometimes drive those we work with to express them in ways that are difficult to manage. 

During this talk Anne Kreamer, a past business executive at Nickelodeon, journalist and author specializing in business, work/life balance, culture and women’s issues tackles this topic and shares insights and tools to help you best handle emotionally charged colleagues. 

You'll learn... 

  • The 3 most challenging workplace emotions and how they can drive regrettable workplace behaviors 

  • How to say calm when those around you are losing it

  • How to manage unexpected emotional responses of your colleagues (yelling, crying, shutting down)