Frequently Asked Questions

Q // Won't women cause company headaches by learning how to be more confident and vocal?

No. When all employees of your company feel empowered and comfortable about speaking their thoughts, your culture will change in very positive ways. It will lighten. Productivity, ease, and efficiency will dramatically increase. 

Q // So...this training excludes our male employees?

The fact is, men and women have different stresses, pressures, and concerns that impact their ability to perform at their best. Most training programs are taught from a general, often masculine perspective. Basically, women are taught to work, think, and act like their male counterparts to succeed in their careers. The problem with this approach is, it requires women to cut themselves off from their uniquely feminine strengths. Over time, this erodes their sense of wholeness...confidence. It leads to feelings of overwhelm, disengagement, and burnt-out.

Q // What will the trainings and webinars cover? And who will be presenting the material?

EMPOWERSHIP members receive quarterly webinars, small group coaching sessions, and mentorship by our Women of Wisdom panel.

The EMPOWERSHIP curriculum encompasses topics such as:

What Women Need to Move from Settling to Shining

How to Effectively Stand up, Speak up, & Make an Impact

Forget Work/Life Balance! Let’s Talk Harmony…& Ways To Achieve It

Harnessing the Power of Community and Mentorship Among Women

A Women’s Guide to Owning Her Career Growth & Results

Living Brave – Steps to A More Courageous You

The Importance of De-Stressing On the Job...& How to Do It

Marketing Your Awesomeness Inside & Outside of Your Company

Maneuvering Mommyhood

Creating and Maintaining a Career Vision

Neutralize Your Inner Critic, Optimize Your Daily Performance

Fearlessly Thriving without the Façade

All training materials, coaching, and interviews are led by EMPOWERSHIP founders, Chelsea Szabo and Cecilia Gorman.


Q // How is EMPOWERSHIP a justified addition to our budget?

If you have budgeted for professional development this year, we suspect you plan to bring in some one-off seminars, speakers, trainings, or webinars. The beauty of EMPOWERSHIP is that it's comprehensive and cumulative. This means your female team members will continually practice and employ the new tools they're learning and build their new skills progressively. The money you budget toward EMPOWERSHIP will be a true and measurable investment in the impact and longevity of your training dollars as it will directly improve your retention rates, engagement, and scalability. There simply isn't a comparable program to EMPOWERSHIP.

Q // It seems like you offer a lot. Won't this program be confusing and overwhelming to our female employees?

No. We're on a mission to make the lives of women professionals easier, not more complicated. Our trainings and coaching calls include recordings that can be listened to at any time. Our Q&A forum is available 24/7. We send kind emails that provide simple instructions to resources, support, and learning opportunities. Our lessons are compact and organized to give the most potent training in the least amount of time.

Q // How does this differ from traditional executive coaching?

EMPOWERSHIP members are women in the C-suite and women in entry-level positions. The research-based training, support, mentorship, and community are insanely useful for women at various stages of their career. The reality is, no matter their title, all women face similar stresses when it comes to finding the balance between work and life fulfillment. The beautiful thing about EMPOWERSHIP is—the members who are higher on the THRIVE SCALE actually help elevate and uplift members who are lower on the scale by sharing their experiences, perspectives, and wisdom. We've discovered that traditional executive coaching attempts to help women be more productive at any cost (often at the expense of their emotional wellness or personal wiring) . EMPOWERSHIP helps women find their true, authentic values and voice so they no longer need to sacrifice their happiness in order to be good at their job. We're dedicated to helping women to THRIVE, personally and professionally.