how to thrive in your career

Why success isn't as important as thriving. What you need to know.

let's talk empowership podcast episode #1 success vs. thriving

What's the difference between being successful and thriving?

Chelsea and Cecilia weigh in based on their personal experience and what the THRIVE research has uncovered (some surprises for you).

Learn the five core mindsets and behaviors that every thriving woman embodies.

You'll also discover how to switch from a success mindset to a thriving mindset which will help you start feeling more fulfilled in your life and career.

No matter where you are on your professional journey, this episode is for you if you feel burnt out or overwhelmed about the next steps in your job.

Key takeaways:

“If you're a great worker you're going to get noticed, your're going to get promoted, but why give up happiness in the quest for that?”

“The self-worth is already there, those external things are just little awards along the way.”

"It's a combination of balance, challenge, and self-worth.”

“You have to define what thriving is for you.”

“Do you feel like the work that you're doing matters?”

“Sometimes we try to fit in instead of truly belong.”

"It's all on you."

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