how to spot your inner critic

Learn how to spot your inner critic from a mile away (and quiet her).

let's talk empowership podcast episode #3 inner critic

In this episode, we're talking about the inner critic. We all have one.

We'll explore why it's there and what purpose it serves. We'll teach you how to become aware of your inner critic so you can take steps to avoid its untrue guidance. We'll also dig deep into the many ways you can handle your inner critic. By the end of this episode, you'll know how to spot your inner critic and silence it.

Key take-aways:

"It's an internal thing, not an external factor that somebody can fix for us...”

“Our brain is in a habit of beating us up.”

“Ladies, we’ve got to realize we’re in control of that voice.”

“Our mind is trying to keep us in a place of security, but then that comfort zone is a dangerous place.”

“Is this information that the critic is giving me relevant to today.”

“Don't give an ounce of time to the things that you think you aren't, and as best you can focus on the things you are”

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