Kim Furzer on How to Unlock the Magic In Your Direct Reports


How to Unlock the Magic in Your Direct Reports

Kim Furzer, Senior Director - GIS: Hardware & Software Asset Management, Mobility at Yahoo! Inc. gives management a fresh look as she shares the insights and steps needed to unlock the magic in your direct reports. She shares what it means to truly align with your employees, why it's important, and how it positively affects the bottom line. 

Key takeaways:

  • Insights into the person first, management style
  • A 6-step process to unlock the magic in your direct reports
  • The key challenges to unlocking the magic in your direct reports and how to overcome them

Bio: Kim Furzer, has over 20 years of global operations experience in media, entertainment and internet verticals, at companies like Yahoo! Inc, and Warner Brothers. Her focus and passion is around optimizing profitability and customer service through strategic and tactical process design, improvement effective us of technology, data and successful team building. She demonstrates great ability to effectively lead global teams in a highly matrixed environment.