Jean Freeman on The Working Mom Balancing Act: Tips for Thriving

The Working Mom Balancing Act: Tips for Thriving

Listen to our WOW call with Jean Freeman, Principal and CEO at Zambezi who was recently named a Working Mother of the Year by She Runs It (formerly Advertising Women of New York). Zambezi is one of the largest women-owned agencies in the advertising industry.

Balancing the demands of career and family can feel challenging, and on some days maybe even impossible. It requires, multitasking, prioritizing, juggling and a village of support. On this call, Jean shared her personal experiences, learnings, and the tips she’s found valuable along her journey of raising kids and rising up the professional ranks.

She covered topics such as:

  • Tools & techniques to blend a career and family time.
  • Mommy guilt and ways to manage it.
  • Carpool pick ups, sick days, and more - ways to artfully set and maintain boundaries at work with your boss
  • How to answer hard questions like – “Do you really have to go?” and “Why can’t you be there?”