Pop-Up: Sacrificial Helping Syndrome with Katie Vernoy

Don’t let “Sacrificial Helping Syndrome” leave you exhausted and burned out.

So often society, our families, and our professions tell us that – as women – we must put everyone before ourselves. We are the caregivers and the helpers. It can be too easy to sacrifice your own well-being for the people you serve. It’s time to put yourself first, without the guilt. Whatever role you are playing, you must take care of yourself. Even if it feels hard. Even if people push back. Set up your life to support you, so you can continue doing good for others.

During this talk Katie shares:

  • How to set healthy boundaries

  • How to say “no” effectively and without guilt

  • How to maximize your time and energy, so you can increase your impact without burning out

Meet Our Speaker:

Katie Vernoy is a therapist, coach, consultant, and speaker supporting entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries in creating thriving businesses as well as meaningful and sustainable careers. She provides coaching and business strategy to support these professionals in pursuing their work while avoiding a common trap: Sacrificial Helping Syndrome. Too many passionate people sacrifice their own well-being for the people they help. With the right mindset, systems, and team members, Katie’s clients can make a larger impact, without burning out.

Katie has her master’s in clinical psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a therapy practice in Torrance, CA, where she provides both in-person and online counseling services. She is also the founder of Evolve to Thrive Coaching and Consulting Services, offering executive coaching, strategic planning, and team development services. To learn more about Katie, please visit her website: www.katievernoy.com.