Pop-Up Call: Unlock the Power Of Your Voice with Heather Lyle

A powerful voice is one of the most valuable tools to achieving success in the workplace – it lets people know where you stand, throws your ideas into the mix, drives collaboration and much more. Oftentimes however, showing up on a call, to the table or to the stage with a confident and powerful voice can feel difficult. 

During this call Heather Lyle, will share insights from her combined training in singing, theatre voice, yoga therapy, human anatomy, and vocology. She’ll help us understand on a biological level, what happens to the voice when it shuts down and provide vocal exercises and tips to help you dial it back up.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how the voice shuts down on a biological level

  • Vocal exercises to overcome the unconscious (and limiting) reactions of the “fight or flight” response on the voice. 

  • Insights and exercises to strengthen your voice through breath-work