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Pop-Up Call: Unleashing the Power of Your Voice & Story


According to Warren Buffet, mastering communication skills and being better at speaking in public can increase your value in the workplace by as much as 50%.[1]

When you master the skills of powerfully presenting and speaking with ease, you position yourself to be able to advance your goals and your career in a way that not only benefits you but also your team and your organization. Yet, many people struggle with feeling confident about sharing their ideas and being heard.

During this talk, Tambre Leighn, a certified professional coach and successful speaker who specializes in performance coaching, will help you:

  1. Identify the obstacles that hold you back from speaking with confidence and ease

  2. Share tips, strategies, and tools for breaking through those obstacles

  3. Help you discover the power of your story to advance your career

In spite of the benefits of strong speaking skills and speaking in public, a recent survey showed 20% of respondents said they’d go to great lengths to avoid giving a presentation, including pretending to be sick or asking a colleague to do it for them.[2]

When you are able to confidently step out from behind your desk and share your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom, you:

  • Inspire others

  • Increase your visibility

  • Create access to more opportunities

  • Advance your goals and the goals of your team or organization

As someone who:           

  • Froze on stage in front of over 100 people

  • Watched classmates and colleagues get ahead faster

  • Suffered from stress and anxiety when speaking to groups

  • Struggled with asking questions out of fear of being judged

Tambre has personal insight into the challenges of learning to speak up and is committed to helping other women build the confidence and skills to be able to communicate powerfully and with ease.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will have:

  1. Created a list of their unique obstacles that hold them back from speaking with confidence and ease, whether in settings of one to one, small groups, or speaking at large meetings and events.

  2. Tips, strategies, and tools to break through those obstacles. Specifically, we will address:

    1. how to deal with fear, stress, and anxiety about speaking up

    2. using open-ended questions to improve communication and outcomes

    3. letting go of attachment to the outcome

    4. understanding why talking about you isn’t about you

  3. Examined their personal story by referencing the Hero’s/Heroine’s journey to better understand their strengths, experience, and expertise they have to offer in the workplace. Using this process helps people be able to extract powerful anecdotes to demonstrate their value and what they have to contribute in their role, to their team, and to their overall organization to advance their goals and help their organization to be successful through their personal successes.