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Pop-Up Call: Rethinking Chaos at Work: How to Thrive When Work Feels Out of Control


Have you ever felt tension in the workplace because you expected one thing, but got another? Such as…

  • You thought someone would do what he or she said, but they didn’t deliver?

  • You expected a team member to respond to your request rationally and logically, but instead they responded irrationally, and illogically?

  • Or have you expected a colleague to have your back, and they didn’t?

Many of the challenges we face at work exist because of our own unrealistic assumptions and expectations. Despite common beliefs, it’s normal, and in fact healthy at times to experience some amount of discord or conflict within your organization. 

Once you understand this paradox, you'll view your experiences with a greater level of acceptance and feel more empowered to be your most authentic self, courageous in the face of interpersonal conflict. 

During this call, Stephanie will talk about the realities of organizational dynamics through the lens of the new science (e.g., chaos theory, field theory). She’ll give us tips for how to fully shift our false assumptions about ourselves, and others, to enable us to have more rewarding interactions and relationships at work, and ultimately greater success and happiness.

You’ll Learn:

1.  What “normal” organization dynamics really look like.

2. How to use compassion and empathy to free yourself from anxiety at work.

3. Communication tactics that will enhance your ability to connect with others more effectively, especially in moments of discord and conflict.

Meet Our Speaker:

Stephanie Smith-Ejnes, MA, People Strategy and Executive Coaching. 

Stephanie is an HR consultant and executive coach specializing in leadership development, employee engagement, and communication/conflict resolution. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer and has spent 20 years in corporate human resources. Stephanie helps her clients navigate the peaks and pitfalls of leading and motivating others. She works with them to develop their skills in an increasingly complex workplace that requires transparency, courage, and frequent communication. The result for her clients is enhanced self-awareness and confidence, a clear understanding of their core values and beliefs, and a plan to achieve their goals. 

Stephanie has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, PwC, Yahoo!, TBWA/Omnicom, and Nuveen Investments/TIAA. She holds a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from NYU, a BA in Psychology with honors from SFSU, a coaching certification from Coaches Training Institute, and is a certified yoga instructor. She lives with her husband, eight-year-old son, and their dog, Frank, in Santa Monica, CA.


Earlier Event: June 18
Help Desk Call 8 am PST
Later Event: June 25
Help Desk Call 10 am PST