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EmpowershipLIVE: New York

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

You talk to people all the time, but do you truly connect with them?  A connection moves beyond expected small talk and niceties, and forms when people authentically relate in a way that builds rapport and deepens relationships.  It’s hard to define exactly what forms a true connection in various situations, but it’s something you can feel.  When you connect—one-on-one, in groups, or with an audience—your ability to communicate improves, and your influence skyrockets.  

Based on John C. Maxwell’s book, Cecilia Gorman leads this lively and interactive workshop that demonstrates how connecting is an essential aspect of becoming a successful female leader.  Participants will begin thinking about communication from a new perspective, opening the door for greater openness and trust.  Cecilia will share tactics for connecting in a fast-paced world, and how participants can capitalize on the cornerstone of business connections—valuing others. 

Come see firsthand why the world-renowned practices in this workshop have helped working women build more meaningful relationships and advance their careers!

Key Learning Points

Action steps for connecting with others in an authentic way

How to use physical presence, relationship basics, and energy as connecting tools

What to do when a connection goes south

This event is free to attend.