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Pop-Up Call: Growing in Emotional Intelligence

Professional Coach Rita Love joins us for this Pop-Up Call on Growing in Emotional Intelligence. As a working woman who became very successful at a young age, Rita soon realized the difference between having business skills and having "human" skills. The critical value of growing in emotional intelligence (EI) became quite clear as she learned about addressing conflict, influencing others, and managing her emotions. She'll share her personal experience and give insights into what growing in EI looks and sounds like for working women. 

Points we'll cover:

1. Becoming an active and open listener
2. Learning your own and understanding others' "human" style
3. Communication strategies for important conversations
4. Understanding the perceptions of your interactions 


Meet Our Speaker:

Rita Love, Coach

With over 20 years experience in the corporate world, Rita Love was a very successful executive when she decided to focus on her true calling. With a talent for reading people, asking the right questions, and identifying innovative ways to communicate, adapt, and thrive in life and career, she became a professional coach. Her approach is uniquely comprehensive and it is delivered with energy and purpose. In the last five years, she has focused on Coaching and Training of Human Performance - areas of focus include Market Force Styles, Mindset, NLP, and Certified coaching methods. 

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