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Own your space in the workplace- an introduction to Spacial Dynamics


Our Guest - Heather Lanier

This is a 2-part event. You'll watch a 55-minute video (view video here) prior to the event and then during the live call you'll have the opportunity to ask Heather questions, along with questions asked by the Empowership team. 

The concept of spacial dynamics is anchored in the belief that our bodies are meant to be worn in a certain way. However, unfortunately our bodies don't come with manuals and in many cases, we're wearing our bodies incorrectly (especially at work) which overtime can lead to serious physical injuries. 

This video introduces Spacial Dynamics and 5 postures or exercises you can practice to start moving with more comfort and ease without wearing out your body. When you carrier your body in the ways Heather recommends, from a physical standpoint you'll enhance presence, presentation, and authority in the workplace (and everywhere else).


Prior to the call please watch this video. Keep track of any questions you have so you can submit them during the live call.  If you don't have time to view the video in full prior to next Thursday, please still join the call as there is much value to be gained. If you have signed up as a conference room host, please forward this message to any other team member who will be joining.

Video Menu:

TIME/Topic Discussed

00:00 – 13:55 - Introduction to Spatial Dynamics

13:55 – 14:30 - Introduction to 5 Postures that Enhance Presence and Presentation

14:30 – 18:03 - Posture/Exercise #1- The Right Way to Wear Your Feet 

18:03 – 25:20 - Tips for Women Who Wear High Heels

25:20 – 33:12 - Posture/Exercise #2- The Right Way to Wear Your Hips

33:12 – 40:26 - Posture/Exercise #3- Optimize How You Sit Whether at your Desk or in your Car

40:26 – 53:25 - Posture/Exercise #4 & 5- Optimizing Shoulder Position (for those of you with hunched over laptop syndrome)

53:25 - End/Conclusion

You’ll learn:

  • What the work of Spacial Dynamics is, why it’s important to professional women, and ways to start incorporating it into your daily activities.
  • The relationship between Spacial Dynamics and confidence.
  • To be able to do the things you do everyday with more ease and less strain. This isn’t something else to find time for!
  • To increase your presence and effectiveness at work.