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Pop-Up Call: The Key to Unlocking Creativity & Productivity


How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis?  Do you feel pressure to keep all of them in the air at once?

If so, you’re not alone. The problem with constantly juggling your way through life is it can lead to increased levels of stress. While, some women claim stress enhances their ability to perform, focus and accomplish more, it does come at a cost, and one of those costs is creativity.

Creativity can decrease up to as much as 40% when you’re under constant or acute stress.  When you live in a state of stress, your brain and body become easily disrupted, disrupted in ways that limit your creativity.

During this talk you’ll learn an effective, scientifically proven way to deal with daily stress to free yourself to become more creative, innovative and energized!

You’ll gain:

1)   Clarity around creativity and it’s relationship to stress

2)   Insights into the brain and ways to make it work for you vs. against you

3)   Tools & techniques to identify and manage personal stressors

Dial: (641) 715-3610 Access Code: 876219#


Meet the Speaker:

Corby Furrow is a Transformational Catalyst, helping women free themselves from the subconscious emotional blocks that are holding them back from achieving, becoming and embracing who they truly are.

As an HR professional for over 24 years, Corby gained insights into corporate culture, both functional and dysfunctional, and she felt there was something missing in her career - there had to be more.

Losing her job catapulted her into discovering what that “more” was.  Having worked in a male dominated industry this journey has also helped to discover the power of her feminine side and to embrace it.

Corby became a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C. and obtained her Certification as a Certified and Internationally Accredited Emotional Freedoms Technique Practitioner through the National Emotional Freedoms Techniques Training Institute in Toronto and the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.  She is also in the process of obtaining her advanced practitioner status.

By combining coaching tools and emotional freedom techniques, she has found what she says is the “missing link” to sustainable personal and professional growth.  Corby found the “more” she had been searching for which is being apart of and witnessing her client’s own personal transformation.