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Pop-Up Call: Navigating Hot Buttons for Success

What is your hottest HOT button?

Embrace your power to choose healthy constructive behaviors when intense emotions get triggered. Join Marcia Haber and Rebecca Olejar, co-facilitators and experts in using the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), as they lead us in this lively Q & A designed to give you the basics to help recognize what triggers your hottest hot button and how to calm and cool it down with a new positive approach.

1. Hot Buttons? What do others do or say that trigger intense frustration, stress or anger in you? What do you do when you are triggered?
2. Flexible Thinking: New perspectives to challenge limiting beliefs that shift our emotions and actions.
3. Cooling Down Hot Buttons… Choosing To Respond Vs. React: Are you getting stuck in the mud with harmful destructive conflict behaviors or navigating on a smooth path with beneficial idea generating conflict behaviors?

Dial: (641) 715-3610 Access Code: 876219#