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Pop-Up Call: Using Your Emotions To Thrive in the Workplace



Dial in information: (641) 715-3610 Access Code: 876219#

Using Your Emotions To Thrive in the Workplace

Do you have a hard time managing your emotions at work - whether it’s sadness, anxiety, anger and/or disappointment? Do you ever find yourself fighting back tears, or beating yourself up because your emotions got the best of you in the office? Our emotions can be the drivers of self-doubt and self-criticism, but they don't have to be. During this talk, Mischa will share insights and techniques that empower you to harness your emotions for sustainable career advancement.


  • Why emotions are a key component of career success
  • Learn a 3-step process to control your emotions and gain positive visibility
  • Learn how to sustain positive thinking for performance excellence - even when inside you feel like an emotional wreck


Mischa Martineau ( is the founder and president of Martineau Systems ( delivering a unique fusion of aspirational marketing and training services. Clients accelerate business outcomes with unique value propositions and increase global competitiveness with a sustainable mindset for relentless innovation.

Mischa is distinguished as the developer of I AM Who I Say I AM – My Discovery Journal ( It is an innovative cognitive behavioral curriculum that empowers participants to sustain personal and cultural transformation. Her mission is to empower adults, teens and tweens to believe in themselves and realize their greatest vision. She says, “All my life people told me, “All you have to do is believe in yourself.” I always thought, that sounds great – how do I do that? I AM Who I Say I AM is exactly how to believe in yourself!”

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Small Group Session 3 (Call #5)
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Small Group Session 3 (Call #6)