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Pop Up Call - Taking Back Your Holidays



Maybe you love Christmas, or maybe you want to love Christmas, but you feel like the time between the beginning of Fall and the start of the New Year flies by so fast that you can’t stop to enjoy a moment of it. Stress abounds! But there is a way to take back our holiday moments.

Yvonne Lacey, author of Taking Back Your Holidays, A Whimsical Guide to a Lighter, Brighter Christmas shares tips, tricks, and poignant and touching reminders to reclaim the true spirit of the season for less chore and more cheer.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Empower yourself with ways to own the holiday
  • Find the true meaning of the season 
  • Recapture the childhood magic of Christmas

Dial in information: (641) 715-3610 , Access Code: 876219#


Meet Dr. Xmas (Yvonne Lacey), your consummate holiday expert. Born on December 25th (we’ll save the year) the holidays, especially Christmas, have held a special place in her heart since she was a tiny tot.  

She’s made Christmas and all its festivities, myths and folklore her niche. Exploring Christmas—its joy and magic and what it means to those around her is where she puts just some of her unstoppable, bubbly yuletide energy.

Dr. Xmas has a life-long connection to Christmas as well as a passion for education and literature. She’s a UCLA graduate, holds certification from the Children’s Institute for Children’s Literature and earned a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University. She is an educator, a writer and a business woman. Oh, and in her spare time, she consults in the media and marketing world.