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Pop-Up Call: 5 Top Tips for a Financially Fit 2018

Ringing in a New Year always brings a fresh start - career, fitness, relationships, and money. Wouldn't a fresh financial start this year sound good?

Renee Cohen is our guest for this Pop-Up call and she's going to share 5 Top Tips for a Financially Fit 2018. She'll help us narrow down the most powerful things women should know and do with their money.

We've asked Renee to review financial trends and come to the call with her best advice that women may not be aware of. Join us in January and hear from this expert on how to make 2018 a financially fit year.

Key Takeaways:

  • 5 Tips that just might change how you view money
  • Strategies for a fresh financial start
  • Helpful apps and websites to make money management even easier

Meet Renee Cohen, an expert in women's financial management and advisor from Northwestern Mutual.

Renee focuses on helping clients to have an empowering relationship with money by identifying their definition of financial security - it means different things to different people so it's powerful for individuals to start with their own definition first. From there, Renee works with her clients on solutions that can help to insure those financial goals become a reality.